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Wednesday at 6:45 pm (free* until the Christmas vacations)

I book my class by whatsapp at 079 240 72 72
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What exactly is Prāna and Pranayama?

In China it is called Chi and in India it is called Prana.
It is a totally invisible element that is fundamental to life, as would be electricity to run one’s cell phone.

Prāna: is vitality, energy, strength. Prāna exists in all elements
Swami Sivananda said, “It is the sum total of all the energies contained in the Universe.”
It is to misunderstand yoga to ignore the existence of prana and its effects in the body.
Yama : is regulation, control
Pranayama: is the release of vital energy through the regulation of the breath

Control of the Life Force
Because breathing is automatic, most of us do not pay attention to it. We have to suffer from a bronchial infection or make a great effort to understand that breathing is vital and important for our physical, mental and psychic balance.
Learning a few easy and regular breathing techniques promotes awareness of the breath and its impact on maintaining good health.
Each of us carries his own resources

An authentic science of breath has been developed in Hatha Yoga.
Pranayama and its different techniques of breath control with specific objectives and effects make this practice a highly therapeutic tool, accessible to all, precious and free.

The benefits of pranayama
The effects of pranayama are concrete.
The work of breathing purifies and stimulates the whole body.
It works not only the lungs and respiratory muscles, but also all the organs of the body through internal massage

  • Keeps the lungs healthy and toned and protects them from infection
  • Ensures a good blood circulation rich in nutrients and
  • Maintains the nervous system, brain, spinal cord and heart muscles toned
  • Improves digestion, increases vitality
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Regulates stress and anxiety

I book my class by whatsapp at 079 240 72 72