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Your yoga center in the heart of the village of Founex

W e welcome students of all ages, from 4 to 99, so be sure to find a class that suits you.

W e offer a warm and welcoming space with caring and certified yoga teachers who will guide y ou towards the yoga that suits you.

Don’t wait to take the opportunity to try out the class(es) you are interested in with the discovery voucher “Bon Découverte” for 2 classes for chf 50.-

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Hatha Yoga, Hatha/Philo, Yin & Yang, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Chair yoga and Pranayama

The values of freedom, happiness and sharing have always been deeply rooted in m y being and continue to nourish my life. As a hyperactive child, I quickly felt the n eed for green spaces to find my balance. Forests, streams, meadows and pastures were my daily companions and it was at the tops of trees, nestled in the branches, t hat I found my refuge. Without knowing it, I was taking my first steps towards yoga, t his union, this connection with something greater than oneself.

It was a long time ago, at the age of 18, that my journey towards the world of health, m ovement and teaching began. First, I worked in several fitness centers between Ferney-Voltaire and Lausanne. Then, my desire for freedom, to stand on my own feet, allowed me, along with my husband, to open our own fitness chain in Geneva, on La Côte and in Lausanne.

Yoga naturally took more and more place in my life, until the day when it seemed obvious to me to share the benefits of this thousand-year-old practice. I therefore followed numerous trainings to consolidate my knowledge (diplomas in Yoga, Reiki, E ricksonian Hypnosis, EFT, Heart Coherence).

Although I am deeply inspired by the ancestral lineage of Vedanta and by the teachings of Swami Sivananda and his traditional approach to Hatha Yoga, I also wanted to broaden my horizons to more modern practices such as Chair Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and with my profound undersanding of hypnosis I guide you in Yoga Nidra (daydreaming) accompanied by a Crystal Bowl to promote deep relaxation.

Why in Founex?
Why open a yoga studio far from Nyon, Gland or Geneva where traffic would be more important?

Simply because the opportunity presented itself at the right time and my ultimate goal is to share within my community , and not just for business.

Bringing yoga to the heart of my village gives me the opportunity to promote serene l ocal activities and support soft mobility.

What is particularly dear to my heart and what brings me happiness is to offer children, close to school, the powerful tools, that are today indispensable, to manage their emotions (fears, anxieties, etc.) in order to develop their self-confidence for their future.

We are now about 10 yoga teachers offering a range of 15 different yoga and Pilates classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

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Yoga Holistique & Prénatal

My classes and my approach to well-being
In a world where stress is omnipresent, it is important to find and keep physical,
mental and emotional balance.

My method focuses on attention and feeling, but above all on the overall well-being of the body and mind. This is why my classes are called “Yoga Wellness”. T he objective is above all to take care of yourself, in all areas.

My concept combines yoga and essential oils:

  • Yoga is a philosophy and a practice that connects the body and the mind with the goal of liberation. It helps to strengthen the body and relax it.
  • Essential oils are natural allies in calming the mind, being in the present moment and opening the door to feeling.
    The posture sequences I propose are creative with an alternation of strength and softness.

I help my students to feel deeply what is happening in their body in each pose. By l earning the right alignment of their bodies, they find a more flexible and stable body. By being fully aware in the poses, they increase the action of the muscles and the
effect on their internal organs. The essential oils allow them to change their state of mind from stress or overwhelm t o calm and clarity. They can also boost and open the airways which helps to practice more intense sequences.

Through a thematic approach, students are inspired and fully in the moment.
My method therefore allows one to feel :

  • relaxed, calm
  • recharged, revitalized
  • fully present to oneself

I offer group classes, private classes and monthly workshops.

Who am I ?
I am a mother of 2 daughters, with 10 years of experience in the world of fashion and s tress, I changed careers to find my balance and share the tools that allow me to feel g ood every day.

My values :
Caring, Holistic Wellness, Family E xpertise :

  • creative and evolving yoga classes
  • relaxation with alchemical crystal bowls
  • essential oil and aromatherapy advice
  • thematic workshops that combine Yoga, Essential Oils and Sounds
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Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Sunrise Yoga

“Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion. It is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow.”
Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Movement has been my passion since as long as I can remember. With time, I realized that moving was not only part of my physical balance, but that it also influenced my mental and emotional well-being. Quintessentially. I discovered yoga a bout twenty years ago, which ended up as a kind of revelation, an epiphany moment. I knew from that moment on that yoga was going to be part of my journey.

Yoga teaches to apprehend each movement with consciousness and helps harmonizing the different parts of the Being. Techniques of Paranyama brought (and still do) me back to the essence of the breath, the one that comes with us from the very first moment to the very last, but that we tend to ignore in our busy daily lives. Since then, yoga has never left me. At every stage of my life, yoga found its way to stay around, whether during my pregnancies or when I was very busy. The first thing to remember is that yoga adapts to you, not the opposite. That’s why I like to teach my students a wide range of options, so that everyone can find a way to the practice
of yoga.

As a high school teacher, teaching and sharing have always been my passions. Then the wish to share yoga naturally emerged over time. My training at the Sports de l ‘Université de Lausanne followed the traditional teachings of the Bihar School of Yoga in India, founded by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, as well as Dr. De Gasquet’s “safe yoga” approach. During that training and in the context of a module called “yoga for health”, I had the opportunity to practice an adapted version of yoga with people who had had a cardiovascular event (on the the 3rd phase of cardiac rehabilitation called Eureca at the HUG). I then (re)discovered a real bond between yoga and health, that I first personally experienced, and which naturally led me to an n ew training in yoga therapy with Dr. Lionel Coudron at his institute IDYT, still in process at the present moment. I like the idea of being a lifetime yoga teacher and s tudent, therefore I regularly take part to workshops and classes with inspiring teachers who keep on elevating myself.

My dearest wish -which has been a dream first- is to share yoga with joy and sincerity, but also to make it accessible so that everyone can experience it at least once. And thus shape a proper personal opinion. Yoga, a term that can be translated a s union, is above all a path in itself, during which the progression is somehow way more important than the destination. So if the call for yoga finds its echo throught your Self, let’s take on that journey together and see you on the mat soon!

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Morning Pilates

I believe that Pilates is for everyone and that it is not only good for the body, but also for the mind. It was the idea of helping people like me become stronger, more flexible and in control of their bodies that convinced me to become a Pilates instructor.

I am certified in Basi Mat Pilates and Basi Pilates – All Studio Apparatus.

Pilates is enriching and beneficial for all ages, regardless of regardless of body type, fitness level or athletic ability. Pilates focuses on on strengthening the body’s core (abdomen, back and hips) through unique non-impact exercises. Benefits of Pilates: Flexibility, posture, strength, balance, functionality, leaner and longer and leaner muscles.

Recovering from surgery, carrying your children, sprawling on the couch, driving for long periods of time… All of these activities can cause pain in the bones and muscles for an extended period of time.

All of these activities can cause pain in the bones and muscles for a prolonged period of time.

By practicing Pilates regularly, you will teach your body to move in a way that maintains its shape and prevent pain and help you stay strong and healthy. By practicing Pilates regularly, you will teach your body to move in a way that maintains its shape and strength. feel strong and healthy.

Come and discover what Pilates can do for you and join me on Friday mornings at 9:00 am.

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Evening Pilates

“ We are the architects of our own happiness. »

Our body speaks.
Our posture reflects our mental state, as well as our mental state is printed on our body.
Having always exercised a physical activity, I went from simply practicing Pilates regularly to w anting to teach it myself. Passionate about communication, my approach integrates the experiences drawn from my personal and professional life. Through observation, I want you t o take time for yourself, to feel, to listen to yourself and to develop your potential.

About my classes

Our daily actions draw their strength from our center. The practice of Pilates will allow you to gently mobilize and strengthen all your deep muscles, in particular your abdominal belt, your core. My classes adapt to you, whatever your goals and your physical condition, every Tuesday at 6:15 pm

I’m waiting for you to :

  • Learn to breathe
  • Improve your posture
  • Gain stability and balance
  • Relieve your tensionsTo evening pilates


Slow Flow, Vinyasa

My journey into yoga began when I was pregnant in 2012 in Geneva. I was looking for a way to relieve my back pain, but also to cultivate some balance in my life. Since t hen, I have always been drawn to the physical wellness that yoga has been able to provide. Later, my family grew to 4 and we settled in our lovely Founex.

I completed my YTT 200 hour certification in March 2021 in the US. I was trained in Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga. I also covered some knowledge of Yin Yoga and Chair Yoga. During my training, I acquired more spiritual and conscious yogic knowledge.

Afterwards, I started to give private classes to people with different physical difficulties. I continued my journey by teaching Back Yoga and Slow Flow at Accessible Yoga Founex since November 2021. I practice yoga with my students for their physical and emotional well-being where everyone is welcome. Having completed my training as an Ayurvedic nutritionist, I continue to deepen my practice and enrich my skills as I teach. My class is bilingual (French-English), s uitable for all ages and I provide the necessary variations for each student.

Starting yoga is a beginning of life!

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Yoga Wave

Fascinated by the constant renewal of each moment through each breath, each movement, from our first inspiration to our last breath, I discovered yoga more than 15 years ago. Little by little, the metaphor of the wave appeared to me as the closest to Life, whether we focus on the heartbeat, on the belly that inflates and deflates with each breath, or on the water inside our body, or on the fluidity of our movements, our e motions, our openness to change and novelty.

For the past few years, the element “water” has become more and more important in my daily life with the practice of swimming in cold water for a few years, and more recently of apnea.

I propose a yoga practice, pranayama, as well as several breathing practices inspired b y the Iceman method but also by the Yoga of the Cold, and different practices that I h ave developed and personalized over time and thanks to the masters who have g uided me such as Sanjeev Bhanot (Yogalife International), Lance Schuler or Jen Warakomski, in order to help you cultivate your inner fire and to provide you with a gentle and trusting accompaniment to prepare for swimming in cold water It is possible to join the course at any time of the year, as I offer personalized guidance and a progressive habituation to cold water.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

To Yoga Wave class


Hormone Yoga

I was born in Italy over 50 years ago where I spent a lot of time in the mountains in contact with nature. At the age of 16 I moved to Switzerland. For more than 20 years I worked in a multinational company, which allowed me to travel all over the world and to discover many different cultures, beliefs and habits. This period of my life was very rewarding but finding the balance between work and private life became a complicated task when I became a mother. That’s when I started practicing yoga. It was during the first Covid confinement that I decided to dedicate myself to the study and practice of yoga especially as it relates to women’s well being in the menopausal period. My frenetic lifestyle led me to enter menopause at the end of my 40 years with strong symptoms. Wanting to find a natural solution to relieve myself, I undertook studies in physiology, anatomy, nutrition and followed a specific training in hormonal yoga therapy for women. To this I added a Menopause yoga training which combines western medicine and eastern wellness in a holistic way to support women through the different stages of menopause.

Today my goal and passion is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of o ther women through the practice and benefits of menopause yoga and hormonal y oga. I am particularly interested in supporting women who are preparing for or e xperiencing menopause. Menopause can be an opportunity to improve our quality o f life and finally dedicate more time to ourselves. I hope you will join me on this j ourney and that we can experience the benefits together.

Hormone Yoga (MY) Thursdays from 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm

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Kids Yoga

I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher for adults and children (RYT200, RCYT 1 00). I teach in a trauma-informed way and offer a pain-free practice. I am currently t raining to become a yoga therapist (C-IAYT850).

Kids Yoga

During class we develop an awareness of our bodies, emotions and important life values – and how these aspects are all interconnected. The 4 elements of a yoga class: Breathing, Postures, Mindfulness – Relaxation. These 4 elements are included in a playful way, helping children develop physical and mental agility and resilience. Through the classes, I share with the children keys t o making the right choices for their body, heart and mind.

To Kids Yoga


Sunrise Yoga, Only Men Yoga

I would start this introduction by saying that the union of body and mind is essential to find balance and mental freedom. This is what allowed me to manage my daily stress as a business leader in a field of continuous performance. Yoga has allowed me to appreciate the present moment again, to be with myself without judgement, at my own pace and to free my mind.

It is this incredible asset that I would like to pass on through my Hatha & Ashatanga training, which will allow anyone to find or regain their calm and a clear and balanced mind, at work, in sports or in everyday life.

I can say it, “yoga has changed my life”, this balance so sought after over the years, is worth its weight in gold and allows me to reach my goals at any level. Therefore, one of my wishes is to start studying sophrology, mindfulness relaxation, which helps to build a positive self-image and which blends perfectly with the powers of yoga.

Yoga is for everyone, men as well as women, hence the desire to share this experience and why not, early in the morning when the energy is the purest and also, with men.

I want to bring this balance and this strength through practices that will adapt to your desires, your needs and your evolution, the flexibility of these courses and the relaxation to build self-esteem are my main keys to take you into this world of well-being.
Come and try the experience, it’s worth it!

Graduate RYS 200 Hatha& Ashtanga Yoga (Asana, Pranayama, Philosophy, Meditation, Anatomy)
Currently – Sophrologist training

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