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Holistic Yoga

Monday 7:30 pm and Thursday 9:00 am

I book my class by whatsapp at 078 691 75 25
(Any session not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged)

Through a thematic approach, students are inspired and fully in the moment at every each session. By listening to their bodies, by being present to their sensations and emotions, they learn to know themselves better and to know what they need.

My method allows you to feel :

  • relaxed, calm
  • recharged, revitalized
  • reconnected to oneself

As a yoga guide, I transmit and accompany my students on their yoga path with with kindness and attention. While I invite my students to move from the inside out, I also want to help them get the most out of the poses. Alignment is a key to strengthening and lengthening our bodies. Feeling from within takes time and I accompany the class with adjustments if needed.

Embodying this path of union of the body and the subtle: giving a concrete existence to something abstract is a chance I thank my students for their presence as much as I invite them to thank themselves for taking this time for their well-being.

I book my class by whatsapp at 078 691 75 25