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Vinyasa yoga

Monday and friday 12:00 pm

I book my class by whatsapp at 079 514 44 73
(Any session not cancelled 24 hours in advancel’avancewill be charged)

Get into the flow of a modern version of yoga!

Vinyasa energises the body and the mind and helps chasing away the stress of everyday life. Through experiencing motion in th present moment. It draws its s ources from traditional yoga and brings to it its fluidity. Like a moving meditation

Dynamic yoga combining each movement with the breath, the emphasis is put on transitions which are as important as the asanas themselves. Sun salutations are practiced at the beginning of the class, followed by different flows during which each pose gives the basis for the next one, and so on, regularly passing through the famous so called Vinyasa transition: Chaturanga – Bhujangasana – Ado Mukha Svanasana.

Variations will always be offered, so there are no prerequisites!

I book my class by whatsapp at 079 514 44 73