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Yin Yoga

Tuesday 4:00 pm – Wednesday 7:30 pm – Thrusday 6:15 pm

I book my class by whatsapp at 079 240 72 72
(Any session not canceled 24 hours in advance will be charged)

Why Yin ?

YIN is the inertia contrary to YANG which is the movement.

Yin yoga has developed with a phenomenal success since 2000 because it allows to touch the parts of the body that we neglect.

Accessible to all, Yin Yoga, through the prolonged and comfortable holding of postures, seeks above all to touch the yin tissues, the joints, the ligaments, the deep network of fascias and even the bones. Breathing, concentration and visualization play an important role in this p ractice and lead effortlessly to a rejuvenating meditative state.

This discipline offers a perfect balance to all Yang practitioners who are more into intensity a nd movement. It also offers a regenerating break to active and stressed people.

By stretching the meridians, Yin Yoga also acts on the organs and the flexibility of all tissues. By releasing adhesions and tensions in the fascias, it reduces pain.

Join me for a relaxing session with the crystal bowl every Tuesday at 4:00 pm, Wednesday at 7:30 pm or Thursday at 6:15 pm

I book my class by whatsapp at 079 240 72 72